In a world of competing attention streams how do you ensure your message is heard?

Analyze and Personalize.  Analyze customer behavior and personalize your marketing messages.

  •  Readers pay attention to customized content as long as it is done without explicit use of their own personal information.
  •  Keep your message simple. Subject lines of more than 10 words garner low scores on effectiveness.
  • 47% of email opens are on a smartphone/tablet device. Make sure your content is engaging in a mobile format.
  • Listen to the customers by soliciting engagement via online reviews/comments.
  • Reward your best customers (including the highly engaged ones) through discounts or points in a loyalty program.
  • Use your feedback loops (online reviews, call centers and sales staff) to provide content of value in order to continue engagement.
  • Use your order fulfillment emails to support marketing. After all, existing customers are the best source of future orders. And finally,
  • Respect customer preferences regarding email delivery options.


A good email system like RadianMail should have the following features;

    1. Email & Subscription List Management:
      Create, manage and track emails campaigns from one central location.
    2. Email Campaign Setup & Tracking:
      Use dashboards to build templates that are personalized for your audience and view and fine tune for future campaigns.
    3. Email Delivery
      Deliver email campaigns that are compliant and ISP friendly while managing delivery loads.
    4. Easy to Administer
      Configure emails with ease while controlling setup and management of data.
    5. Auto Responder Setup
      Send automated responses. Trigger emails by user activity or calendars periods.
    6. Integrate With Ohter Providers/Systems
      Integrate with CRM platforms and preview emails in a wide variety of browsers or clients.
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