Welcome to Radian Consulting

We are a Chicago-area consultancy firm focused on delivering innovative marketing technologies designed to give our clients a competitive advantage.

With multiple ways to listen to the customer, organizations need to effectively understand the right strategy that will work best at specific points in the customer lifecycle.

Traditional marketing methods have taken a backseat as the digital world has morphed into a larger entity. Knowing how to apply what still works to that digital world, while taking advantage of current technologies, has become the focus of today’s marketing departments.

We help our clients with marketing technologies that provide a 360° view into that digital world around us so they can collaborate, communicate, and analyze data for quicker ROI and improved company messaging.

Who Is Radian

To help our client’s select, configure and implement marketing tools that position them at the forefront of their respective industries.

We treat marketing as an ongoing conversation between the customer and the business. Personalized communications for customers drives marketing success today. It is through our services that many businesses have succeeded in getting to know their customer preferences at a more personalized level.
There is much more to cross-channel marketing than delivering the right message. With social media, mobile channels and online communications we can help identify and track your interactions and maintain a consistent message to your customer.

Why Radian?

We know marketing. And we know technology.

Having worked in the marketing & technology consulting space for a number of years, we’ve seen it all. From old school to new school, from simple newspaper ads to advanced computer marketing algorithms. We can help your company make the right choices for your specific goals to give you the edge needed in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Bringing It All Together

Creating a marketing strategy and executing a plan.

Radian Consulting can help you bring your vision to life through a succinct series of steps designed to take you from ideas to reality. Reflected here is a sampling of key elements at the core of what we do as marketing consultants.

    radian_button  Organize back office marketing requirements

    radian_button  Set and track unique performance driven goals

    radian_button  Increase the efficiency of marketing efforts

    radian_button  Increase customer loyalty & retention

    radian_button  Create effective long-term dialogue with customers

    radian_button  Easily monitor campaigns for on-going improvement

    radian_button  Link marketing efforts to visible ROI

    radian_button  Boost company-wide profitability

Areas of Focus

While each project we work is unique, this graph represents where we primarily dedicate our time with clients.

Database & Data Mart Design 88%
Direct Marketing 90%
Campaign Execution 98%
Customer Segementation 92%
Report Setup & Configuration 80%
Data Warehousing 95%
Conversational Marketing 77%
Analyzing Customer Experiences 90%

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