Recently I got introduced to the Dictation feature in Microsoft Word.

If you have not tried it yet, it is almost magical to see the words form right in front of you as you speak.

It is not always 100% correct however it is better to correct a few words rather than the tedium of typing out paragraphs at a time. And the price is right.

I do not mind typing, but sometimes typing gets in the way of your thought process. This is a great feature for authors or content creators or anyone that finds typing a chore. 

If your talking speed is fast, it might have some trouble catching up with you; but if you speak at a normal pace it should provide a good transcription of the spoken word. As you get more comfortable with it, you should also be able to add punctuations and make it more efficient.

Email transcription via Outlook

If you spend most of your day answering emails this feature is also available in Outlook. Hit the Pop Out button on your reading pane and the same Dictate feature is available for answering emails.

Previously you may not have been able to talk loudly because of the coworkers around you, but now that most of us are working remotely it is easy to talk to the computer 🙂

I wrote this post using the dictate feature and best of all it is available for other languages like Spanish and Portuguese.

As usual, send me your comments or feedback.

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