Online Customer Experience Management

E-businesses continue to invest in website redesign projects for one simple reason: when done right, they can drive dramatic improvements including – higher conversion rates, incremental sales, lower customer service costs and increased customer satisfaction. They invest in web 2.0 technologies. They also invest in tools such as web analytics and Voice of Customer surveys. […]

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Measuring effectiveness of Marketing

“You cannot improve what you cannot measure” Peter Diamandis.
Importance of sample size:
One of the most important aspects of marketing is to measure effectiveness of a specific campaign in achieving the stated goals. The most common method is to use statistical testing on the campaign results to determine if a difference is evident in the outcome. […]

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Inbound Real Time Marketing at Customer Touchpoints

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc help you formulate and create a brand image with the help of outbound conversation with the customer. The flip side of the coin is represented by the inbound channels that customers come through like ATM’s, websites, call centers etc.

This article explores the use of Real time […]

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Marketing As A Challenge and An Opportunity

While marketing as a function has changed dramatically from the years past, there is an increasing array of methods to align your brand/company to its central marketing credo. These methods have received some major face lifts in recent years with the advancements in network-based technologies designed to connect marketers with social platforms, provide tools for […]

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