Often times a person who plans the campaign has the target segments and corresponding offers outlined way before the actual targeting logic is developed.

If the imperative is for the entries to be done via the TCS in IBM Campaign (formerly Unica), one could follow the steps outlined below to update the TCS with counts.


To add a segment – edit the TCS;




Add a row representing the segment (MedLar shown here) and fill in all the details;



Save and close once done;



To make it flow through to a Campaign flowchart click the publish button;



Go to the flowchart by clicking Implementation


Once the flowchart has been developed and is ready to be written to the Maillist you can assign the segments from TCS to a Maillist segment.


Assign the segments by matching the name to the corresponding one;


You may also match in the process box before the Maillist box by using the dropdowns on the General tab;



Once the process box has been run, you can go back to the TCS and update the actual counts by clicking the update button;


The actual counts should populate;


To assign a particular offer to a segment in the TCS – edit the TCS and scroll over to the Assigned Offers column.


Double click the cell and search for the offer to be assigned.  At this point control cells can also be assigned by double clicking the Is Control Cell value.  The control cell column will then be populated for assignment of the control cell.


Click on the offer name and hit the Accept and Close button.


Save and close the TCS edit mode to save your selection.

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